What to Expect

The Bible  in 1 Corinthians 12 describes the Church as a body with Christ as the head of the body. While that may seem strange to some, it makes more sense when you realize that the Head leads the way, and each part of the body has a significant purpose. Likewise, as the Bible says, when one part suffers, all of it suffers. When one part is honored, the rest can rejoice also. It is this functioning together that makes the Church such a loving environment even though we sometimes miss the mark. As the Body of Christ, we come together to fellowship together, love one another, and worship God because He has saved us and given us His Holy Spirit to live within us.

We are just like you. We have all come out of a past that is scattered with the brokenness of sin we find all around us. This includes addictions, failed marriages, sexual sin, pride, anger, moral superiority and more. We are not better than anyone, we are the same—forgiven and free.

We have found a Savior who gave Himself for us and is worthy of our devotion. Therefore, we gather under His Name for His glory!

Great Plains Church Video Messages

Sermon—July 12, 2020

Live Service—June 28, 2020

Worship—July 5, 2020

Special Message June 25, 2020

Sunday Mornings

  • Time and Location We meet every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. at The Connection Center located at 2901 West Taft in Wichita, Kansas. Children’s classes are concurrent with adults. Note; we meet in the same building as Church at the Cross, but on different days of the week.
  • What to Wear Casual and comfortable. While most wear jeans, there are some who prefer the suit and tie. What matters is we encounter Christ, not how we dress.
  • Spirit-led Worship Each week we have powerful worship that stirs you to sing from the heart and declare our dependency on God. We encourage you worship in a way that best communicates your praise to God. On any given Sunday you may see people sitting, standing, raising their hands, singing loudly, or simply sitting quietly.
  • Kids and Teens On Sunday mornings kids have age-appropriate classes where they can worship, have fun together, and hide God’s Word in their heart. Teens are encouraged to be in the service with adults and play an active role in the main service. A separate nursery for infants and nursing mothers is located in the main building.
  • Coffee and Snacks Need Breakfast? There are a variety of muffins, donuts and coffee and good conversation for you to enjoy before service begins. Best of all, its on the house because of men and women who enjoy offering hospitality as a way to serve God and love others.